Month: December 2019

Loan for pensioners – Is it easy to apply?

Pensioners receive a pension from the statutory pension insurance scheme, while retirees as former civil servants or equivalent persons receive retirement benefits from their employer. In most cases, the pensioners ‘remuneration is higher than the pensioners’ retirement income, but they often receive additional income from a development pension or a company pension scheme. Lending to […]

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Credit for teachers – What are the advantages

In order to bridge a financial bottleneck – for whatever reason – it may be helpful to draw on a loan. However, the approval of a loan by the banks is subject to certain conditions. In this context, it is primarily necessary that the applicant has reached the age of 18 and also has sufficient […]

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Loans without Credit Bureau information

The credit business has changed a lot over the past few years, which has resulted in numerous benefits, particularly for consumers. Borrowers can no longer only look forward to the offers of the large commercial banks with a distinctive branch system, more and more small banks are also among the providers today. The online banks […]

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